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Pond Pumps / Slide Valves / Filter Media / Koi ID Charts

We at Briggsys Japanese Koi import high quality Japanese koi from 10cm - 45cm, we can provide you with genuine Japanese k​oi along with all your Koi essentials such as; Koi food, treatments and equipment.
Have a look at our outstanding Japanese koi listed below.

High end quality koi at low end prices.
If you have any queries on any of our products then plea​se feel free to contact us via email, telephone, text etc.

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The Superfish Pond ECO Pump Range

The Superfish PondEco pumps are designed to pump water containing solid material to a pond filter or a waterfall. The PondEco pumps cage is specially designed to prevent it clogging by providing the maximum surface area. PondEco pumps can also be used dry mounted inline just like the Aquamax range, They also have the same 1.5 inch threaded inlet and outlet.

When using a pond pump to power a filter system reliability is essential. That is why the PondEco pumps key features provide total reassurance.

Thermal Resettable Fuse

The PondEco pumps have a TRF (Thermal Resettable Fuse) this device automatically switches off the pump if it overheats to prevent motor damage. Once cooled, about 15 to 20 minutes the pump will switch itself back on.

Superfish PondEco 3500 - 12000 pumps Features:

These pump large quantities of pond water with low electricity consumptionVortex impellar blade can handle solids upto 8mmPump outlet has a screw thread hosetail 25-38mm (1"- 1.5")3 Year Manufacturer Backed Guarantee.

The Superfish 15000 have the 2 inch threaded inlet and 1.5 inch outlet

When using a pond pump to power a filter system reliability is essential. That is why the PondEco 15000 pumps key features provide total reassurance.

Thermal Resettable Fuse

The PondEco 15000 pumps have a TRF (Thermal Resettable Fuse) this device automatically switches off the pump if it overheats to prevent motor damage. Once cooled, about 15 to 20 minutes the pump will switch itself back on.

Model     lph     Max Head     Watts     Solids Handling     Outlet
3500       3600          2.4                 45                 8mm                     1.5 inch
5000       4800          2.5                 50                 8mm                     1.5 inch
8000       7800          4.0                 80                 8mm                     1.5 inch
12000    11300        4.5                155                8mm                    1.5 inch
15000    15200        5.0                210                8mm                    1.5 inch

Superfish ECO-Plus With Remote Control

The Superfish Pond ECO Plus RC Pumps are now available with remote control that enables you to easily adjust your pond pump flow capacity.

The remote control enables you to switch your pump on/off and set the water flow rate of your Superfish Pond ECO Plus RC Pumps to the required level of flow rate. This is the most economical to run pond pump as the slower the flow rate, the less wattage your pump uses.

These great economic to run, energy efficient Superfish Pond ECO Plus RC Pumps are suitable for dry-mounting and submerged use.

High water flow output with an extreme low energy consumption.

Suitable for both submerged and dry standing usage.

Run Dry Protection, when there is no water the pump stops automatically.

Run Dry and overload protection

The pump is equipped with Run Dry Protection, 10 seconds after being taken away from water, the water pump will stop to protect it from running dry, it will try to re start after 10 seconds, if without water, it will stop again, this cycle will repeat 5 times, then the pump will stop. To re-start the pump take plug from main and plug back in and ensure pump is working well.

The pump has a thermal overload safety device. In the event of any overheating of the motor, this device automatically switches off the pump. The cooling time is roughly 15 to 20 minutes, then the pump automatically comes on again. If the overload cutout is tripped, it is essential to identify and deal with the cause of the overheating.

All Complete with 2 year manufacturer warranty. 

The Superfish 5,000 ECO With Remote Control
2000 l/h - 0.9m max head - 6 watt

2400 l/h - 1.1m max head - 8 watt

3000 l/h - 1.4m max head - 10 watt

3600 l/h - 1.7m max head - 12 watt

4000 l/h - 2.0m max head - 14 watt

4300 l/h - 2.3m max head - 16 watt

4500 l/h - 2.6m max head - 18 watt

4700 l/h - 2.8m max head - 20 watt

4850 l/h - 2.9m max head - 21 watt

5000 l/h - 3.0m max head - 22 watt

The Superfish 10,000 ECO With Remote Control 

4500 l/h - 1.6m max head - 13 watt

5000 l/h - 2.1m max head - 17 watt

5700 l/h - 2.7m max head - 23 watt

6200 l/h - 3.2m max head - 30 watt

6800 l/h - 3.8m max head - 38 watt

7300 l/h - 4.4m max head - 45 watt

7700 l/h - 5.0m max head - 53 watt

8100 l/h - 5.4m max head - 59 watt

8400 l/h - 5.7m max head - 64 watt

9200 l/h - 5.8m max head - 68 watt
The Superfish 15,000 ECO With Remote Control 

8000 l/h - 2.5m max head - 23 watt

8300 l/h - 2.7m max head - 30 watt

9100 l/h - 3.2m max head - 43 watt

10000 l/h - 3.7m max head - 51 watt

11000 l/h - 4.2m max head - 62 watt

11500 l/h - 4.7m max head - 75 watt

12000 l/h - 5.2m max head - 90 watt

12700 l/h - 5.7m max head - 105 watt

13300 l/h - 6.0m max head - 115 watt

15000 l/h - 6.5m max head - 130 watt

Oase Aquamax ECO Classic Range, 2,500-17,500 Below

Oase Aquamax Eco Classic Pond Pumps feature a time-tested and reliable design, proving to be just as effective as ever at delivering consistent flow rates to your pond filter.

When it comes to your pond's filtration systems, a reliable pond pump is at the heart of a successfully managed pond, circulating the water through the filter as regularly and as consistently as possible, and that's why so many pond keepers turn to Oase to achieve this.

The Aquamax Eco range are high performance pond and waterfall pumps, capable of handling coarse debris up to 8mm in diameter for years at a time. A classic design, the units has recently been redesigned to become even better, using the same expertise and quality you would expect from Oase, at better than ever prices from Swell UK.

The compact design of the AquaMax series means that it can sit almost invisibly in your pond, maintaining the pleasing aesthetics of your pond while delivering the power you need to keep the water at its' best. With an excellent efficiency rating, it can even be used in swimming or bathing pools, and it offers an easy-open case for simpler routine maintenance.

This versatile pond pump is available in various sizes from 2500 to 17500 l.p.h. So you can be sure that whatever size pond you have, Oase have it covered. There is also a 3 year guarantee, with an extra 2 years on the 5500 model upwards. So you can be confident of years of quality performance.

For Specifications please read opposite for each pump size required.

Key Features:

• High-performance motor

• Ideal for use with ponds and waterfalls

• Low-energy consumption

• Hose adapter with threaded collar included

• 10 metre / 33 foot electrical cable

• Capable of handling solids up to 8mm in diameter

• Easy-open case for maintenance

Bakki House Media 10kg (35 Litres)

Bacteria House Media is one of the best but expensive medias that is placed into your bakki showers.  
Due to the large quantities of tiny holes, mechanical filtration is also achieved using B.H.M (Bacteria House Media) 
Large organic solids and decaying matter are degraded at a far greater speed than conventional media, and without blocking up.

One of the key elements of the Bacteria House Media is that it reacts in a seemingly electrostatic manner with floating organic matter causing an increase in adhesion rate. 
This produces clear clean water at a rapid rate. Water in its natural state creates multiple bonds with surrounding water molecules creating a cluster.

The effect of the Bakki Shower using Bacteria House Media, coupled with the smaller water clusters, work very effectively at deodorising the water, and also allows gases to be released, thereby lightening the load on the biomass, and making the systems considerably less KH consuming than conventional filtration. 
Bacteria House Media is also extremely fast at colonising bacteria, very resistant to damage from power failures or chemicals, and very fast at bouncing back after pond medications have taken place. The water produced by Bacteria House Media (even when submerged), is such that the Koi strongly favour swimming in the areas where the filtered water enters the pond. 
You may also find that your koi appetites are also greatly increased using the Bakki Shower with Bacteria House Media.

Bakki House Media 10kg (35 Litres)
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Genuine Japanese Matting, 2m x 1m

Japanese Matting is still probably one of the best filtration media which is available on the market today.

Due to its coarse nature it has excellent bio-mass retention and its open texture removes larger particles from the water. 

Size of Matting Sheet:
2 metre x 1 metre x 38mm
Genuine Japanese Matting
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