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Koi Pond Testing Kits / Salt & PH Testers

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Kockney Koi Multi Testing Kit

This range of kits enables easy monitoring of water quality in your pond helping you to keep the water clean and safe. These kits can test for Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia and pH whilst also providing guidelines on safe levels. Just as clean air is required for us to live, clean water is essential for aquatic life.

• Easy to Use straight out the box

• The case is made from a strong plastic and doubles as a workstation

The Kockney Koi Multi Test Kit measures:

  • Ammonia – often in high concentrations can make the water look cloudy/hazy and is highly toxic to fish.
  • Nitrite – often called the silent killer, although not as lethal as Ammonia – water looks crystal clear, is still very damaging to fish health.
  • Nitrate – the product of healthy filtration system, not harmful to the fish themselves but in high quantities can affect their reproductive cycle.
  • PH – this test is for the acidity/alkalinity of the pond water, the pH scale runs from 1 -14 very acidic is 1 and very alkaline water is 14, neutral that is neither has a pH of 7. 
  • Ideal pH for a pond is between 7 and 8.
Kockney Koi Multi Testing Kit
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Colombo Professional Lab Testing Kit

This is the Colombo Pond Test Lab Professional testing kit.

This will test for the six main water parameters: 
  • PH 
  • GH
  • KH 
  • NO2 
  • NO3
  • NH3

Included in this test kit is also the following:
  • Test tubes
  • Instruction card and record form which make water testing very easy.

The Colombo Water Test Kits come in the convenient plastic case for ideal safe storage.

You can also use the Colombo test strips for quick indications.

Colombo Professional Lab Testing Kit
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Smart Digital Exact-I-Dip 570 Water Testing Kit

The Latest eXact iDip 570 Photometer Pond Starter Kit

The latest technology in digital water testing allows customers to transfer their water testing results straight to a smart phone using a personalised app.
From there they can be stored, emailed and categorised by location or customers.

Ideal for customers, who want to test the water in their Aquarium, pond etc.

Also for those of you who perform a lot of regular testing, and possibly at different locations, and need to record the test results

If you want to keep the results in a chart, the iDip photometer will test your water and download the results for you.

Results include date, time and location – saving repetitive data entries.

The new and exciting eXact iDip 570 photometer harnesses the power of smart devices and the simplicity of design to efficiently handle regular and complex water testing. The smart phone app is designed to work seamlessly with the waterproofed handheld unit with parameter information, data storage and GPS tracking included. Results are quickly available and exact. The eXact iDip 570 photometer is manufactured using the highest quality standards, capable of running over 19 water quality tests, uses simple AAA batteries.

The eXact iDip 570 Photometer Pond Starter Kit comes with the following:

  • 4 tests pre-installed from the app-store, including pH, Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine (Chloramines) and Total Alkalinity
  • Reagents to test 25 water samples for pH II (486639-II), Nitrate (486655), Total Alkalinity (486641), Ammonia (486654), Total Hardness high range (486656) & Phosphate (486814) (does not include in-app purchases)

To carry out tests, you need:

To download & install each test from the app-store from £4.95* each (this is a one-off cost), once a test has been downloaded onto your smart device from the app-store it can be used indefinitely

Purchase the reagent/test strips for that test, for a complete range, please see table on this page

New tests are constantly developed – making this a testing device which can grow with your needs and requirements. It also makes it very efficient, as the user only pays for what he actually uses.

Data is seamlessly transferred between the two devices when paired with the eXact iDip 570 photometer using Bluetooth wireless technology that syncs and transmits test results in real time. The application stores the test results history of multiple water sources. Data can be shared via email and the built-in GPS feature allows for easy retrieval of water testing locations.

• Innovative – Only handheld photometer to communicate with a smartphone

• Customise – Only download the tests you want

• Location – First handheld photometer system that’s GPS enabled – saving time when inputting data

• Instant – documented results that can be e-mailed or exported via CSV file (spreadsheet)

• Save – Results stored in app’s history

• Reliable – Time, Date & GPS location stamp results

• Send & Share – instant results – share & email via CSV file (spreadsheet), Social Media sites.

• Waterproof – IP-67 rated and it floats

• Multi-lingual app in English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Czech, Latvian and Chinese

• With auto-calibration so there is no need to regularly calibrate the photometer.

Smart Digital Exact-I-Dip 570 Water Testing Kit
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Koi Medic Salinity Tester

The Koi Medic Salt Meter is ideal for testing your water for the Salt content which is extremely important if you salt your pond.

No More Guessing - with these accurate digital Salt Testers.

Koi Medic Salt Meters are designed to measure and monitor the delicate salt concentration in your Koi pond.

The meter is extremely easy to use; simply turn it on and dip into your Koi pond.

Salt can be used in your Koi pond to treat fungal infections and to reduce osmotic stress. It helps to control algae growth and aids in eliminating most parasites.

A salt concentration between 0.3% to 0.5% helps to detoxifying nitrite and to control string algae.
The Koi Medic Salt Meter includes complete pond treatment instructions.

This super Modern piece of technological equipment will give your accurate salt tests time after time and in an split second. With it's clear Digital Readout - even a child can use it, it is so simple to use.

Units of measurement ------- %

Range ------- 0.00 - 1.00%

Resolution ------ 0.01%

Accuracy ------ ±0.03%

Battery Type ------- 4 x 1.5 V Button Cell (Alkaline A 76 or equivalent)

Battery Life ------ Approximately 150 hours (Continuous Use)

Automatic Shut-off ------- Approximately 15 minutes

Temperature Compensation ------ Automatic 0 - 50 degrees Centigrade

Operating Temperature ------ 0 - 50 degrees Centigrade

Size (L x W x H) ------ 170 mm x 32 mm x 15 mm
Including ------ Protective Cap

Weight ------- Approximately 70 g

Koi Medic Salinity Tester
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PH Pal + Digital PH Pen Tester

Digital - pH PAL Tester

The pH PAL tester replaces pH litmus paper. The easy to use pH tester does the work of more than 300 rolls of indicator paper. The pH PAL pH tester is a reliable, robust portable pH tester housed in a water resistant case.

The pH tester features an easy to read 6mm LCD display indicating pH over the range of 0 to 14pH with a resolution of 0.1pH and an accuracy of ±0.2pH.

The pH PAL's operating temperature range is 0 to +50°C.

The pH PAL pocket-sized meter is ideal for measuring pH in many areas including industrial processing, hydroponics, swimming pools etc.


Range: 0 to 14 pH

Resolution: 0.1pH

Accuracy: ±0.2pH

Battery: 4 x 1.5 volt button cell (LR44)

Battery life: 200 hours

Display: 6mm LCD

Dimensions: 15 x 32 x 147mm
Including ------ Protective Cap

Weight: 70 grams

PH Pal + Digital PH Pen Tester
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