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Flexible Koi Bowls / Koi G.R.P Tanks / Koi Inspection Bowls

We at Briggsys Japanese Koi import high quality Japanese koi from 10cm -45cm, we can provide you with genuine Japanese koi along with all your Koi essentials such as; Koi food, treatments and equipment.
Have a look at our outstanding Japanese koi listed on previous pages.

We also sell fully refurbished filtration units as you can see below on our website, these filters are refurbished to an exceptional standard but at a reduced price.

We also sell BRAND NEW filters which are at a very competitive price in todays market. Please enquire for delivery details.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us.


Professional Koi Bowl Range

This is our range of koi bowls that we sell at Briggsys Japanese Koi, these bowls are as follows:
* Flexible Koi Bowls in 3 sizes:
90cm / 120cm / 180cm. all these bowls are 60cm in depth. these all come with a sewn in mesh net which you can zip up to ensure the safety of your koi.

* Rectangle G.R.P Koi Measuring Tanks / Bowls, 3 sizes available:
We us these at our own site as these are very robust and a great addition to be able to inspect / treat you much loved koi if required. these also have the added bonus of a measuring tape to keep a track on the growth of your koi.

 * Koi Bowls, Round Plastic, Available In 6 Sizes: 
These are a standard bowl which are very popular due to the size and price. 

 Choose which bowl / Tank would suit your best requirements, be mind full of the size of your koi to ensure that the bowl is adequate for your koi.
why not take advantage of the FREE delivery on these items. 

If you have any enquiries then please feel free to contact us.

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