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Briggsys Journey So Far.

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Japanese Koi Are Our Passion

Thank you for visiting our website, here at Briggsys Japanese koi, we would just like to tell you a little about ourselves and how we got to the stage that we are at present.
We have been keeping koi for many years now, and as many of you know we all start off with a little pond in our gardens which then soon becomes a huge chunk of the garden. After all, this hobby is very satisfying , but an addictive one.
 We ourselves started off as people who just liked to keep koi in our garden ponds, we then started to purchase small Japanese koi to grow on and see how they develop over time, with great success. We believe that watching your koi develop and grow has no better rewards, but you do end up becoming very choosy over the koi you purchase. 
We then decided to expanded into a unit which has larger tanks and upgraded filtration systems. We now currently have 5 large holding / growing on tanks that all koi are placed in until sold, All koi are fully quarantined  for a period of 35 days (5 weeks) prior to being placed up for sale. We perform water tests on a weekly basis along with part water changes to ensure the health / condition and well being of the fish, after all, this is paramount for all fish.

Briggsy's Japanese koi is a small / mainly an internet based operation, we are not an actual shop, just a unit as you can see above. You are more than welcome to come and pay us a visit to view the koi in person but this is by appointment. Just contact us for a visit. We feel by being a smaller operation then you will feel on a more 1-2-1 basis when dealing with us.
We have a pet shop licence and are licence to hold around 700 koi which will only be Japanese imported koi. All our koi will be from 9cm - 45cm and are very reasonably priced in todays market. We do pride ourselves on the quality of our koi and the prices we sell them at.

You can also purchase koi pellets from us that we actually feed our Japanese koi on, the pellet information can be found in the koi food store on the other page.

We also sell a full range of other koi products, Uv's / Filters / Bowls / Tanks / treatments etc, so be sure to have a look at our other pages with other products on. If you are unable to find what you are looking for then feel free to ask away as we are adding equipment etc to our website weekly.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at our website and we hope to see and deal with you in the future.